Battery Tuesdays 2023

The iBAT association wants to close the emerging gap between science, economy and authorities around the topic of battery applications and technologies and offers its members a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and innovation promotion.

Battery Tuesdays support knowledge transfer and are one of several activities iBAT conducts with the goal of networking stakeholders and promoting innovation.

On the first Tuesday of each month, research members present their competencies and infrastructure in a one-hour online event. After the presentation, short questions can be asked – for further information, the iBAT office or the research institutes can be contacted directly.

In 2023, iBAT’s network partners will also have the opportunity to present their company, its competencies, products and services.

Upcoming Event

  • Anton Paar – Solutions for Battery Material Characterization

    Networking Event Series – iBAT Battery Tuesdays on February 7 (16:00 – 17:00) presents:

    Anton Paar

    Research, development, and utilization of lithium-ion batteries is one of the fastest growing industrial segments in the world. Numerous products, including phones, laptops, pacemakers, drones, cars, and now even airplanes, rely on batteries for power. Ensuring batteries are safe, powerful, and reliable is more critical than ever before.

    However, the safety, performance, and lifetime of a battery will only be as good as the materials that go into making it. Specifically, the electrodes, separators, current collectors, and electrolytes need to be fully characterized and monitored from the time they enter the production facility until they are incorporated into the final product.


    • Physical characterization of materials used in Lithium Ion battery (LIB) production and R&D:
    • Powder electrode material
    • Battery slurries
    • Separator membrane
    • Electrolytes
    • Battery cells


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Annual Outlook

    • 7th March, ABB, confirmed
    • 4th April, Eightinks, confirmed
    • 2nd May, TBD
    • 6th June, DTC – Dynamic Test Center, confirmed
    • 4th July, Stat Peel, confirmed
    • 8th August, Durot Electric, confirmed
    • 5th September, LEM, confirmed
    • 3rd October,  TBD
    • 7th November, TBD
    • 5th December, TBD