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The upcoming Networking Event Series – iBAT Battery Tuesdays presents Batrec Industrie AG

Date and time: Tuesday, September 3 16.00 – 17. 00

Speaker: Philipp Rädecker, Head of battery recycling

Batrec Industrie AG was founded in the 1990s to offer a solution for the recycling of batteries. Collection, transport and recycling are coordinated by Inobat.

The material arrives in drums and is sorted by trained personnel into different fractions according to cell chemistry and size. The majority of batteries (household batteries – alkaline and ZnC) are processed pyrometallurgically. With increasing mobility and electrification, the proportion of LIBs is increasing. In order to recycle this material as well, a two-stage mechanical process has been developed to generate fractions that can be fed back into the material cycles. A mechanical separation plant was commissioned for this purpose in November 2023.


  • Challenges in recycling of LIBs – sorting, storing and recycling
  • Process of LIB recycling at Batrec Industrie AG
  • Outlook and future development
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