University of Fribourg – Laboratory of Functional Organic Materials

Coskun group at University of Fribourg focuses on the synthesis and characterization of active materials, electrolyte additives, polymer electrolytes as well as polymeric binders in Li-ion batteries.

The group has the necessary infrastructure and the know-how for the synthesis of organic/inorganic polymers/materials as well as the characterization tools ranging from surface Area analysis to X-ray diffraction to solid-state NMR. Moreover, the group also has the infrastructure to prepare coin cells and perform complete electrochemical characterization.

The lab offers services in the following areas

  • synthesis of polymeric materials with high sulfur loadings
  • synthesis of polymeric binders for silicon and silicon/carbon composites as anode materials
  • development artificial SEI layers or electrolyte additives for the stabilization of Li-metal anodes
  • solid/gel polymer electrolytes for Li-ion batteries

In the area of energy storage, Coskun group realizes the potential of supramolecular chemistry to address various capacity decay pathways in Li-ion batteries. Along this line, the group is developing organic electrode materials, and supramolecular polymeric materials for Li-S battery and Si anodes.

Prof. Dr. Ali Çoskun

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