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Enabling R&D Tools for Battery Research

Research in emerging battery technologies is booming globally. Thus there’s an increased need for enabling R&D tools for accelerating academic and industrial research efforts. Fluxim has developed and commercialized a range of commercial R&D tools for simulating and measuring light-emissive and light-harvesting thin film semiconductor devices. Meanwhile, Fluxim’s R&D tools have also been applied in battery research and dedicated new tools are under development. After a company introduction some case studies are presented.


  • Fluxim company profile and history
  • Analysis of ionic charge transport in solid-state batteries by frequency and time domain characterization
  • Modeling mixed electronic-ionic transport in solid-state batteries
  • Optical in-operando analysis of charge and discharge processes in solid electrolytes

Speakers: Beat Ruhstaller, CEO; Sandra Jenatsch, R&D manager, Fluxim AG

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