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DTC Dynamic Test Center AG
We can test up to «abuse» !

Speaker :

Marcel Strub, CEO, DTC Dynamic Test Center AG


DTC AG has been performing active and passive safety testing for vehicles and aircraft since 1994. In the last few years, we have increasingly specialized in traction batteries and extended our ISO 17025 accreditation as a testing laboratory in Switzerland. During testing the question always arises how safe is safe enough and where is the border between hard use or misuse. With our know-how and infrastructure we can provide answers with the comprehensive investigations and support the customer in the development of your products and the approval.


  • Who is DTC Dynamic Test Center AG and what services can it offer?
  • What load collectives and hazards must a traction battery withstand?
  • What does the diverse test infrastructure in Vauffelin look like?
  • What are the requirements of vehicle manufacturers and the authorities (approvals)?


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