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On the first Tuesday of each month, research members of iBAT present their competencies and infrastructure in a one-hour online event. After the presentation, short questions can be asked – for further information, the iBAT office or the research institutes can be contacted directly.

Speaker: Emil Namor, Senior electronics engineer, LEM International SA

LEM International SA – Current measurement for battery systems, today and tomorrow
Current sensor are fundamental components for battery management systems, providing a key input for functions such as state of charge estimation or overcurrent detection. LEM is a leading supplier of current sensors for automotive battery systems, having achieved outstanding accuracy and stability with its Hall-effect-based sensors. In this presentation, we describe how our latest open-loop Hall effect sensors meet today’s automotive requirements and we discuss the implication on the current sensing function of trends in battery technology.


  • LEM company presentation
  • Overview of LEM current sensors for battery systems
  • Trends in battery systems and their relation to current measurement specifications
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