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Ensuring lithium-ion batteries are safe, powerful, and reliable is more critical than ever before, this is why battery materials need to be fully characterized and monitored from the time they enter the production facility until they are incorporated into the final product. During Anton Paar Battery Day, you will learn how to measure and evaluate the most important physical properties of battery powders, slurries, electrolytes and separators.

Anton Paar Internal expert Jiri Novaha will demonstrate new methods for measuring the adhesion of functional coatings of lithium-ion battery electrodes and for characterizing their mechanical properties. In addition, an external expert will join the seminar to share his experience with Anton Paar instruments in battery material characterization.

After theory, experts will provide hands-on training in the lab on various physical characterization technologies, including particle size and shape, pore size, solid density, and surface characterization.

Speakers: Jiří Nohava, PhD., Mr. Anthony Chalou
Location: Anton Paar Switzerland AG, Pulverhausweg 13, 5033 Buchs AG

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