Battery Tuesdays
Concept & Dates 2021

The concept of the “Battery Tuesdays” is that every research center in Switzerland that is active in battery research can present itself during one hour. The webinar always takes place on the first Tuesday of the month. During the webinar it is also possible to ask questions live and to get in contact with the researchers of the center. The webinar will be recorded and published on the website.

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EPFL – Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory

  • Networking Event Series – iBAT Battery Tuesdays on September 7 (16:00 – 17:00) presents:

    The research activities of the Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory (DESL) refer to the development of smart grid concept solutions in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supply.

    At the Battery Tuesdays Mario Paolone will give a talk on

    Planning and control of energy storage systems connected to active power distribution networks

    The progressive displacement of conventional generation in favor of renewables is expected to call for the provision of a number of ancillary services from distribution systems to the bulk power grid (regulating power for primary and secondary frequency controls, dispatchability, reactive power support are the most significant examples). An emerging concept to tackle this challenge is achieving the controllability of portions of distribution networks by exploiting controllable distributed generation (DG), flexible demand and local energy storage systems. However, the lack of direct controllability of distributed generation (DG) by distribution networks operators (DNOs) represents a main obstacle along with the difficulties associated to the deployment of dedicated telecommunication infrastructures as well as the availability of advanced SCADA implementing active control functions. Within this context, one of the most promising near-term solutions allowing the postpone infrastructure investments related to the direct control of DG and flexible demand, is the possibility to leverage dispersed storage systems.

    In this respect, the presentation discusses the most recent developments related to the planning and control of these assets by DNOs.

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Past events

  • Empa – Reliability Center – March 2nd

    Marcel Held, Corsin Battaglia and Rolf Widmer presented Empa’s competencies

  • University of Fribourg – Laboratory of Functional Organic Materials – April 6th

    Ali Coskun presented the competencies of the University of Fribourg

  • PSI Paul Scherrer Institute – Electrochemistry Laboratory – May 4th

    Sigita Trabesinger and Mario El Kazzi presented the competencies of the PSI

  • Battery research & development at CSEM – June 1st

    CSEM covers the entire battery landscape: From materials, through cells, to systems.

  • OST – Battery Research & E-Mobility – August 3rd

    The Battery Research & E-Mobility Group of OST is working in the field of electro mobility, battery research and charging technology.

Networking Event Series – Battery Applications & Technologies