Battery Tuesdays

In the past, research centers in Swiss battery research had the opportunity to introduce themselves during one hour. Such a webinar took place every first Tuesday of the month. Participants could ask questions and get in touch with researchers. The recordings are published here.

Past events

  • Empa – Reliability Center – March 2nd

    Marcel Held, Corsin Battaglia and Rolf Widmer presented Empa’s competencies

  • University of Fribourg – Laboratory of Functional Organic Materials – April 6th

    Ali Coskun presented the competencies of the University of Fribourg

  • PSI Paul Scherrer Institute – Electrochemistry Laboratory – May 4th

    Sigita Trabesinger and Mario El Kazzi presented the competencies of the PSI

  • Battery research & development at CSEM – June 1st

    CSEM covers the entire battery landscape: From materials, through cells, to systems.

  • OST – Battery Research & E-Mobility – July 6th

    Power Electronics Laboratory

  • OST – Battery Research & E-Mobility – August 3rd

    The Battery Research & E-Mobility Group of OST is working in the field of electro mobility, battery research and charging technology.

  • iBAT Battery Tuesdays – EPFL – September 7th

    Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory

  • iBat Battery Tuesdays – BFH – October 5th Research group manufacturing technologies for battery production

  • iBAT Battery Tuesdays – SIPBB – November 2nd

    Swiss Battery Technology Center

  • Institute of Management – UniNE (IMN) and Institute for Economy and the Environment at University of St. Gallen (IWÖ-HSG) – December 7th

    Presented by Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle Reuter and Prof. Dr. Merla Kubli

Networking Event Series – Battery Applications & Technologies