Battery Tuesdays 2022

Batteries are the key enabler for emission-free mobility, renewable based energy systems, advanced robotics and mobile medical equipment. The iBAT association represents industry, authorities and research institutions along the complete value chain from manufacturing to recycling. iBAT is the national platform enabling and promoting battery-based innovations in Switzerland. The goal of iBAT is to accelerate the path from innovative ideas to final products, supporting success and competitiveness of the Swiss industry.

The iBAT association wants to close the emerging gap between science, economy and authorities around the topic of battery applications and technologies and offers its members a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and innovation promotion.

Battery Tuesdays support knowledge transfer and are one of several activities iBAT conducts with the goal of networking stakeholders and promoting innovation.

On the first Tuesday of each month, research members present their competencies and infrastructure in a one-hour online event. After the presentation, short questions can be asked – for further information, the iBAT office or the research institutes can be contacted directly.

In 2022, iBAT’s network partners will also have the opportunity to present their company, its competencies, products and services.

BFH Energy Storage Research Centre

  • Networking Event Series – iBAT Battery Tuesdays on June 7 (16:00 – 17:00) presents:

    BFH Energy Storage Research Centre – Battery and Storage Systems Lab

    The Battery and Storage Systems Lab provides a unique source of technical and commercial expertise in the field of storage applications in the energy and mobility sector and works with its partners to generate impetus for developments.

    The characterization and modelling of electrochemical storage devices is key to their successful implementation. There’s also a need for complete battery and energy systems to be developed and tested. Among other things, this involves identifying the optimal operating parameters for integrating electrochemical storage technology into a wide range of applications. A variety of test and characterisation methods are also used.

    Battery and energy management systems (BMS and EMS) ensure that electrical storage systems operate safely and correctly. Our specialised researchers develop efficient, reliable software and hardware for these systems. To this end, they develop, test and validate model-based software algorithms and individual hardware for a wide range of battery applications.


    • Battery testing and characterization: analysis of properties, performance, degradation and thermal behaviour of batteries with state-of-the-art test stands.
    • Development of algorithms for monitoring and functional evaluation of battery systems: state of charge, service life, performance estimation and lifetime prediction models based on
      • collected data (probability-based modelling)
      • electrical and physical modeling
      • using a data driven approach (machine learning).
    • Development of battery management systems (BMS): adapted hardware and algorithm to specific applications that offer low internal consumption and high level of safety. Exemplary implementation using an open-source hardware (FOX-BMS 2.0)


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