Battery Tuesday

Networking Event Series – iBAT Battery Tuesdays on October 5 (16:00 – 17:00) presents:

BFH – Manufacturing Technologies for Battery Production

The research group manufacturing technologies for battery production at BFH is focused on development of new sustainable and cost‐effective production technologies for battery cells and other production lines supporting Swiss battery manufacturers.

At the Battery Tuesdays event you will get an insight into the following research topics and services of the research group manufacturing technologies for battery production.

  • Electrode cutting with laser cutting unit for electrodes up to 300×150 mm dimensions.

  • Cell assembly in glove box under inert gas atmosphere.
  • Manufacturing of test batteries for flexible cell dimensions from electrode cutting & automated cell stacking in a controlled mini environment under cleanroom conditions to battery formation.
  • Modelling (virtual production line), simulation, optimization and upscaling studies of battery production lines.
  • LiFE, thermal and ion flow simulation in battery cells without license cost.
  • General production optimization for machine and full lines
  • Development of smart sensors for optimization, predictive maintenance etc.