OST – Battery Research & E-Mobility

The Battery Research & E-Mobility Group of OST (Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences – formerly NTB) is working in the field of electro mobility, battery research and charging technology since 2007.

For battery systems, the know-how and expertise ranges from technology characterization, over system design and optimization to prototyping and product development. The applications focus on rugged mobile storage solutions, fast-charging technology and their integration in vehicles.

The thermal management of batteries extends their service life, improves their rapid charging capability and enables them to be used fully at low temperatures.


  • Experimental characterization of thermal and electrical cell behavior
  • Verification of cooling concepts in the same test rig
  • Thermal-electric models of cells, stacks and batteries
  • Simulation of thermal management systems
  • Design of temperature-controlled batteries
  • Simulation and verification of the mechanical reliability in mobile applications
  • Simulation of fire load

In the field of electrified vehicles, innovative concepts are realized under consideration of the application and a high user benefit.

The requirements for robustness, longevity and minimization of energy, taking into account the system context, are focal points of technology transfer.


  • Evaluation of the requirements, especially vibration, driving profile, environmental conditions and customer needs
  • Development of innovative concepts
  • Efficient thermal management of passenger compartment, drive train and battery
  • Integration of efficient charging solutions
  • Control of the vehicle to minimize energy consumption, increase safety and reliability and enlarge the passenger comfort

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Rizzo

OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule
Werdenbergstr. 4
9471 Buchs SG

Methodology to Derive Thermal-Electrical Cell Model out of Measurement Data